Artist-in-Residence, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Nunzio Paci

Current Artist-in-Residence at Lingnan University, Hong Kong (1st Term 2019-2020)

Launched by the Department of Visual Studies in 2006, with the generous support of the Lingnan Foundation at Yale University, the Artists-in-Residence Programme brings two visiting artists to Lingnan University every year.

During his full-semester residency (1st Term 2019-2020), Italian artist Nunzio Paci will be teaching one limited enrollment Studio Practice course in drawing and painting. He will also pursue his own artistic projects, mounting an exhibition showing work produced at Lingnan at the end of his stay.

The purpose of the Artist-in-Residency Programme is to deepen students’ conceptual and historical understanding of the visual arts through artistic practice, construed as a form of creative research expression. Emphasis is thus placed on the artists’ capacity to function as cultural mediators able to provide a living bridge between the worlds of academia and art.

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Condition of stillness of a nameless cannibalized / Condizione di immobilità di un cannibalizzato senza nome

Title:  Condition of stillness of a nameless cannibalized  / C ondizione di immobilità di un cannibalizzato senza nome Dim: cm 90x60 Tech...

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